Customer Focus

Satisfying the customer is what we do best. Knowing that timely, high quality customer care is so critical to business success and recognizing that the cost of providing it has become so high, e.Services has developed the capability to provide affordable world-class customer relationship management and contact center services.

We do more than merely satisfy a customer’s needs. We partner with our clients to understand who their customers are and develop solutions tailored to meet their specific needs.

We recognize that there can be seasonal spikes in call volume that require expanded resources. We understand that our clients’ needs may include outbound contact center services like collections, cross-selling, and customer service follow up. We also take great care to ensure that our contact center staff can speak fluently and confidently with callers.

Our agent training emphasizes effective call management techniques as well as empathic listening skills. All of us at e.Services are committed to transforming your business through service excellence.