IT Support

Hardware and software companies are continually faced with the challenges of growing their customer base, informing their customers about new products, and pinpointing customer needs—all while minimizing their costs and improving the customer experience.

e.Services Africa helps tech organizations successfully meet these challenges by providing BPO solutions that deliver the best customer experiences. As leaders in the technology sector, we have deep expertise in delivering on your brand promise through accurate, responsive customer service.

We provide a full range of personalized service and support enabling you to gain insight into your customers’ needs while improving the perception of your technology offerings.

Key Benefits:

  • Satisfy the needs of your top customers
  • Provide accurate, responsive 24/7 service
  • Closed-loop feedback to correct service gaps
  • Increased operational efficiencies and reduced service costs
  • Drive retention and revenue
  • Enable you to focus on your core competencies