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Public Sector

We offer consulting services and products for Government Health Ministries and National Insurance Schemes.

Our public sector offerings include:
✔  Evaluating current access and expenditures for non-urgent clinical conditions;
✔  Quantifying the benefits of early intervention to reduce the costs of escalating care;
✔  Designing and implementing solutions to achieve critical health benchmarks;
✔  Adapting the Teledokta telemedicine coordinated care platform to use existing public sector healthcare providers;
✔  Leveraging telemedicine solutions to support the adoption of clinical care guidelines, protocols and standards to practicing health care workers
✔  Expanding a medical specialists’ consultancy services through telemedicine;
✔  Providing professional training and development of health care workers on telemedicine and assist in moving the workforce to the needed level of            proficiency to optimize telemedicine;
✔ Designing and implementing the use of mobile, clinical diagnostic devices and remote  monitoring; and
✔ Implementing early-stage electronic health records using the Teledokta platform.


Private Sector Employers

We offer consulting services that help employers re-think employee productivity, benefits and retention. 

We implement company-specific programs ranging from the path-breaking Teledokta virtual, coordinated care platform to more conventional wellness programs. Our point of differentiation lies in our use of clinical data collected from Teledokta which allows us to predict health patterns among employees such that early, low-cost interventions can take place before disease escalates, thereby saving money over the long-term.
Our Teledokta platform allows for continuous employee monitoring through a curated suite of wearables -- all conceived to address the particularities of each company we serve.
Among the benefits our clients might expect are:
✔ Reduced Absenteeism: Virtual visits reduce employee downtime & absenteeism;
✔ Increased Productivity: Easy access to high quality healthcare Improves employee morale and thereby productivity;
✔ Data-Driven Savings: We employs predictive analytics to anticipate employee medical needs and identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve       health via wellness, clinical interventions, etc.;
✔ Prevent Fraud via Electronic Claims Validation: Teledotka submits electronic claims for each doctor consultation based on actual, verifiable episodes        of care. The visits can be videotaped for additional audit support;
✔ Pay As You Go: Unlike insurance, Teledokta requires minimal upfront fees for registration and set-up. Our pay-as-you-go model improves cash flow            and is an alternative to paying insurance premiums for services you may never use;
✔ Eligibility Verification: Unlike insurance, Teledokta’s virtual platform prevents the fraudulent use of the service by people not covered by the benefit.        Teledotka’s patient registration procedure initiated prior to first use, and our electronic medical records verification protocols at the time service is         accessed, together assure that only qualified employees and dependents have access to the service. Real time updates from employers allow         Teledokta to quickly deactivate employees no longer with company;
✔ Simplified billing: Employers receive one invoice from Teledokta every two weeks covering all documented claims. Eliminates having HR         departments auditing and paying numerous individual medical bills submitted for reimbursement by employees; and
✔ Flexibility: Customize the benefit for company employees. Options include tiered benefits (i.e. number of visits) for different classifications of         employees (i.e. C-suite, middle management and remote-site employees).


Individual consumers

We provide consumers with on-demand appointments, and focused medical consultations with skilled, private practice doctors.

Nearly 50% of all medical conditions seen by a General Practitioner can be managed quickly and effectively through a virtual visit.
Teledokta’s convenience and confidentiality provide consumers with many benefits to individuals by:
Offering on-demand appointments and private, focused medical consultations with skilled, private practice doctors;
✔ Eliminating any travel to the doctor’s office;
✔ Eliminating wait times in long queues;
✔ Eliminating travel and wait times at pharmacy;
✔ Eliminating waiting at laboratory for orders to be processed;
✔ Offering patients the opportunity to convert their current paper-based medical records into an cloud-based electronic record; and
✔ Offering 24/7/365 customer service to assist patients who need help using the platform.
  The Teledokta platform can be accessed by smartphone, tablet or computer. You can purchase bundles of visits or purchase a virtual visit on an a la carte basis. To learn more, visit


Private Insurance Companies

We offer customized solutions for Private Insurance Companies

NuMedika can customize the Teledokta as a new service for members providing insurance companies with a competitive advantage. The electronic claims feature offers improved efficiencies and payment to the provider network members. The electronic care coordination system offers inherent efficiencies of seamless transitions of care and improved patient compliance. 


Private Healthcare Provider Networks 

We offer consulting services and products for Private Healthcare Provider Networks.

Our offering for Private Healthcare Provider Networks include:
✔ evaluating current clinical work flow and identifying opportunities where telemedicine can optimize efficiencies and expand access
✔ identifying opportunities to deploy mobile technologies (medical devices and  diagnostics) into existing clinical practices to increase access and         reduce costs
✔ customizing the Teledokta virtual visit and coordinated care platform as a turnkey, virtual clinic for the provider system. 
✔ establishing a electronic medical record to capture the care encounters within the health system (clinic, lab, hospital, pharmacy)
✔   leveraging telemedicine solutions to extent clinical care guidelines, protocols and standards to practicing health care workers